Jan. 1st, 2011

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Oh, livejournal. I am hungover like I've never been hungover in my life, and I did the walk of shame this morning like the classy, classy bitch I am, the result of a not-exactly-poor decision following several Long Islands and a whole bottle of champagne last night. I find it deeply hilarious that even for consequence-free out-of-town one night stands I end up finding the one cute computer science nerd in the bar. He had two solved Rubik's cubes in his apartment! Two solved Rubik's cubes and the courtesy to allow me to leave without pushing too hard for my number/cuddling/any number of other horrifying touchy-feely time wasting things. HAPPY NEW YEAR, INDEED :D

IN OTHER NEWS, I wrote Yuletide fic. I thought about writing many Yuletide fics, but in the end I only wrote one: you've got the ways and means to make it alright, for the movie The Brothers Bloom, which everyone should see. It's mostly Bloom & Stephen gen, with a little spot of Bloom/Penelope. It was...a lot of fun to write, if only because I love those characters so impossibly.

Okay, that's pretty much exhausted my coherent sentence forming ability. I'm drink another bottle of water and maybe watch some 30 Rock until my host (the best gay boyfriend in all the world, I THINK HE NEEDS A NAME AS WELL for when I actually recount this weekend, I'll think on that) returns from the home of that incredibly cute guy he pulled last night. How was everyone's New Year's? DEEPLY AWESOME, I HOPE :D


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