Mar. 26th, 2011

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Okay, so, it has been (*checks*) four months and change since I put up the first Inspiration Meme, which you guys should go check out; that post contains 300+ comments full of gorgeous poetry and beautiful pictures and fantastic song lyrics. Of everything I have ever done in the entirety of my time posting shit on the internet, THAT WAS THE BEST THING; I go back to that post all the time and pour over everything that was contributed, and I sincerely hope I am not the only one. It was so much fucking fun, and I discovered so many new pieces and so much new work, and just, jesus. Happymaking for-fucking-ever.

And it occurred to me the other day that my flist has grown since then (hi, everyone!), and that those of you who were around in November (YOU HEARTY SOULS, HOW YOU HAVE TOLERATED ME FOR SO LONG I JUST DON'T KNOW) cannot possibly have exhausted your supplies of beautiful things. There is, after all, so much gorgeous work out there, so many brilliant original pieces, enough breathtaking excellence to go 'round the world a hundred times. And, that being the case, there is no reason I can't do a post like that again. And again. And again.

As such, allow me to introduce (with slightly tweaked description and rules, since I have learned some things from our first run):


Because everyone has moments where they want to be struck by something beautiful, no? So use these comments and use them well--post your favorite poems, your favorite prose passages, your favorite photographs, your favorite pieces of art, your favorite songs. Post those things that make you stop and catch your breath and stare, the things that bowl you over and build you up. And maybe someone else will see them and interpret them the same way, and maybe someone else will see them and interpret them a totally different way. And maybe something will strike you and you'll want to sketch or write or photograph or sing something of your own and leave it in these comments; maybe something will strike you and you'll want to sketch or write or photograph or sing something of your own and post it somewhere else. BOTH OF THESE THINGS ARE FINE. In fact, it is all fine: there are only three rules. They are under the cut. )

A note: I will probably not reply to every comment, because a) I have the attention span of a distracted gnat (maybe you've noticed) and b) I am hoping there will be more comments full of EPIC AWESOMENESS than I can possibly keep track of. If I do not reply to something, it does not mean that I did not like it, and it certainly does not mean that you should refrain from posting again. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POSTING TOO MANY EXCELLENT THINGS. There is also no such thing as too much appreciation for said excellent things; feel free to tell people you enjoyed what they've offered up, and do not feel the need to ask my permission to link this to others/post here if you don't know me/post here after comments have trickled off. These posts (because I intend to do another one a few months from now, and then again, and then again) are about coming together and creating collections of amazing things; everyone is welcome, and no one should ever, ever stop.


ETA: GUYS. THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON WITH EMBEDDING YOUTUBE VIDS: in order to get them to work, you've gotta click "use old embed code" in the ticky box menu that comes up with the code box when you click "embed" on Youtube. THE CODE THAT IS PROVIDED BY DEFAULT WILL NOT WORK. I know it sucks ass, but that is what is going on if you post and nothing happens. Click "use old embed code" and all your problems will vanish :D
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Life lessons for Burrito at weekly family brunch this morning (Burro is leaving town again tomorrow, we are having a lot of Together Time to prepare, god help me):

Burrito: Any friend of mine is my best friend.
Burro: That's not really how it works, little dude.
My Father: That's like saying "Any dog I see is my dog!"
Me: No, it's--okay, well, it's possible to have more than one best friend--
Burro: Or 'bro,' I call them my bros--
Me: But if all your friends were your best friends, the words wouldn't mean anything, you know?
My Father: All trees eat beans! See? Nonsense.
Me: ...Don't really think you're clearing it up for him there, Dad.

My Father: *Asshole comment I've forgotten*
My Mother: Wow, persnippity much?
Burrito: Don't call Dad snippity!
Burro: Ahahaha, no, man, persnippity.
My Father: Which I absolutely am.
Me: There's no denying it.
Burrito: Hmm, okay. What does persnippity mean?
My Mother: Well--
Burro: How do you--
Me: It's sort of like--
My Father: Dickish.
Everyone: !!!!!
My Father: What? He asked!


In other news, I am off to a movie this afternoon, but round two of the Inspiration Meme has ALREADY EXCEEDED MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS, OH MY GOD. You guys gotta go check it out, and post post post those things you want to add. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH AWESOME ♥ ♥ ♥!!!
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Okay, so, normally I write poems and I agonize over them for months and months and then I show one person and change 15 things and close the document again and go back to it a month later and, you know, rinse and repeat. THAT IS MY TYPICAL PROCESS. But sometimes, for whatever reason, a poem goes HEY HI HELLO WRITE ME NOW KTHNX and pours out of me in one go, and this evening that happened. And normally I would, er, sit on it for months and months, but it is INSPIRATION MEME WEEKEND and nothing would make me happier than everyone I know feeling inspired to write and post their original stuff, and, uh, I'd be kind of a hypocrite to go against that myself.

SO. Under the cut is a poem I wrote. It is, please be warned, about anxiety/anxiety attacks; if that is going to be triggery for you, by all means skip ahead.

my mother asks me to explain anxiety and i have no idea what to say )


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