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This is a post full of beautiful things, found on and collected from We ♥ It.

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Alright, guys, so I've had...kind of a terrible day on a number of fronts. I'm not going to go into it, partially because you guys don't need to know about the various and assorted nonsense involved, but mostly because I've seen something that really, really puts my shitty 24 hours into perspective.

Cut for discussion of a recent LGBT hate crime that could be triggery. )

And the thing is, I've thought, for awhile, about making a post like this one--thought about when and how to do it, if I could possibly put into words all the things I want to say. But this seems like pretty fucking good motivation to put some solid safe vibes out there, so here we go.

This cut is just for length, because wow, this got long. )

Most importantly, please know this: whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual; whether you are genderqueer or genderfuck; whether you are cis- or transgendered; whether you are sure of your identity or not, there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe there's not a word that applies to who you are, or there's one I have omitted in error--maybe there are so many words that apply that you're not sure where to begin. Maybe you're out and proud and maybe you're not, maybe you're ready to approach it and maybe you're not, maybe you're in a solid place and maybe you're not, but whoever you are, wherever you are in your process, it's okay, it's just fine, and so are you. You are good, beautiful, fantastic just the way you are.

This week is Pride Week. I'm not here to tell you to be proud of yourselves--though, of course, I wish that for all of you--because I know from experience that it's easier said then done. I'm telling you instead that I am proud of you, whoever you are, whoever you choose and absolutely do not choose to be. There is hate in the world; there are people out there eager to give you a "taste of hell," looking to make your life harder, or even just missing the mark and getting it wrong, making you feel bad or misunderstood or small. But for every one of them, there is someone out there like you, like me, looking for and finding the safe spaces; we are here, learning ourselves and each other, doing what we can to figure it out. You are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not going to hell.

So raise your hands, guys; raise them for everyone you're proud of, for everyone you've loved, for the people you are, have been, and will become. Raise them high, and know that our hands are up too, waving back at you, no matter the size of the void.

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Okay, um, so, apparently GoogleDocs has made some changes they were kind enough not to mention to me! According to [ profile] iambickilometer, some people have been getting the option to view docs in the old version or this new version, but I haven't been getting that message, and neither have a number of the other folks I've been PANICKING AT calmly and rationally discussing this with on tumblr. [ profile] shadesofbrixton has pointed out that if you use this link, you can create a new doc in the old version, but a) it's probably a temporary fix and b) it's not really any good for the docs you've already got in existence, as in copy/pasting the contents you lose any changes/comments/etc made within. Which is, you know, THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT OF GOOGLEDOCS.

The change I have noticed/been freaking out about is the fact that there are now fucking pagebreaks in my docs. You can kind of get rid of them by switching to what's called compact view, but there are still dotted gray lines indicating pagination. If you're a normal person, this probably isn't a big deal--if you're like me, and avoid working in documents that give you a pagecount because it makes you anxious and self-judgmental, YOU APPEAR TO BE SHIT OUT OF LUCK.

Anyway, point of post being: this is happening, GoogleDocs is different, and it wasn't announced anywhere that I heard about it, so I figured I'd let you guys know. If you come across any other changes to the interface, or--please please please--a fix for the page thing, please leave them in the comments for reference? And, yeah, okay, I'm going to go back to trying not to freak out about this now.

In conclusion: Danny still hearts Steve, so it's not all bad. But boo, GoogleDocs. Very much boo.
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Sorry, did you want some h/c to go with your overwhelming amounts of glorious gay? Because that turns out to be what I'm in the mood for tonight. Post-ep for 1.20, spoilers obviously contained herein, title from the Avett Brothers' song The Day That Marvin Gaye Died. I have by and large stopped rating shit because it is TOO HARD YO, but, uh, this contains swearing and kissing but no sex? Proceed accordingly.

Title: trip on my words and land on my heart
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Wordcount: 2345
Summary: I love you is hard, and so is I'm sorry.

trip on my words and land on my heart )
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One: sdjkfhsdjkfhsdkjf YOU GUYS, [ profile] robanybody wrote A MOTHERFUCKING GOOD OMENS AU OH MY FUCKING GOD. Danny's Aziraphale, Steve is Crowley, Steve's truck turns everything into Queen, and MY HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE FROM GLEE. Seriously, I mean, look, [ profile] robanybody, I would read the phone book if she wrote it, because it would inevitably manage to be hilarious and incredibly written and jdfsdfksdf. THIS IS NOT THE PHONE BOOK, IT IS A GOOD OMENS AU WRITTEN BY A GENIUS, GO, GO, GO, GO.

Two: so, YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THAT I AM A LITTLE ~CHANGEABLE~ (whatever I can make Sherlock jokes if I want) when it comes to like. My layout and default icons and shit. IT'S BECAUSE I LIKE PRETTY THINGS, OKAY, and also because I cannot make icons myself because Photoshop is expensive, yo. So, last night I spent some of my insomnia hours browsing We ♥ It, and the lovely and amazing [ profile] hermette agreed to make me a default icon all my ownnnnnnn!

AND THEN SHE MADE ME TWO, AND I CANNOT PICK WHICH ONE I LOVE THE MOST. So, they are below; look upon them and vote, please please please?

[Poll #1729154]
A funny shit on the internet post, because I am A LITTLE ANTSY TODAY, OKAY, MAYBE I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SOMETHING, I WONDER WHAT IT IS? Even if I have to wait until the episode ~miraculously appears on the internet~ because my cable is busted.


and a million more (why did you guys let me get a tumblr, that was enabling) )
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Alright, so, here's the deal: I'm 25K into a fic that isn't even half done, I have more or less forgotten what solid REM sleep feels like, there is a dude at the coffee place using TWO TABLES even though he is only one person, and I think I misplaced my sanity some time ago. I don't have a case of the Mondays so much as a case of the WHAT THE FUCKING HELLS, but! Who cares, who cares, who cares, because THERE IS A NEW 5-0 TONIGHT.

In honor of this, and because I needed to blow off some steam, please have:

Five Hawaii 5-0 Fics I'm Never Going to Write (That Someone Else Should Totally Write Instead) )

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And now we celebrate the second birthday of the day, that of the truly excellent [ profile] dogeared--and seriously, I'm just saying, April 10th is a pretty damn auspicious day what with all these awesome people being born on it, y'all better recognize. [ profile] dogeared, love, here's a lazy Sunday morning, Steve & Danny style. I hope it is to your liking, and may you have the happiest of days. ♥

Everything Is Just Fine, Steve/Danny, PG, 852 words. )
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So, today is a day of multiple birthdays; first out of the gate is my dear friend [ profile] elrhiarhodan, who is always and forever brightening my life with her kindness, her intelligence, and her brilliant way with words. She has also stuck with me through thick and thin, in and out of various fandoms, because she is THE BEST. So for her birthday I wrote her a White Collar OT3 ficlet, both to honor that which I know she likes best and to draw back to that which brought us together in the first place!

It' domestic future fic, but, to mix a couple of metaphors here, you can't expect a one trick pony to change its spots, am I right?

In any case: Elr, bb, I hope you like this, and happy, happy, happy birthday. All my love. ♥

Certain Things in the Real World, Neal/Peter/El, PG, 1015 words. )
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Getting in the car to go for coffee, will be back to answer comments shortly, but I just had to stop and say this. I was watching 1.13 over lunch today, eating the leftover bagel & lox I didn't finish at breakfast, and I discovered something I need to make sure you all know about.

In that first scene after the the theme song? You know, where Danny's getting Steve ice and knowing where everything is in his kitchen and lecturing him about the alarm system? Yeah, just in case you needed them to be even more married: while Danny is telling Kono that he's, he's been stunned, Steve, for a split second, makes the following face:

Under the cut because I had to take a shitty screepcap myself because it GOES BY THAT FAST. )
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Tonight I shut down gmail and tumblr and LJ and went to go to sleep and wrote a spoken word poem instead! Which is strange to me, you know, because normally poems come to me and then I think about speaking them later, but whatever, this one wasn't like that, it had internal rhymes in it and everything, what the hell. So I finished it and then I went ahead and recorded it, in an LJ voicepost because I have no actual idea how anything other than the word processing software on my computer works. Recorded version is below, text of the poem is under the cut, and you know I think I might actually go to an open mic night somewhere and perform this one, but that might just be 5 AM talking.

Peace out, cool cats, it's bedtime now.

the beauty culture. )
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Cut because those of you who don't know the Grateful Dead will not understand the SHEER UNENDING AWESOME OF THIS PRESENT. )

For those of you who are don't care about the Grateful Dead (and THAT IS SAD FOR YOU, BY THE WAY, I SHED A TEAR FOR THE LOSS OF AWESOME IN YOUR LIFE, THEY ARE AMAZING), here is a picture of my dog...whose name is Jerry we're still totally on topic, really.

He says, I WAS SLEEPING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT PHONE, I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOU OR YOUR BEHAVIOR AT ALL. To be fair, though, he learned that expression from me last night when he tried (again) to catch a skunk, and disaster was only narrowly averted.

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Here's some shit in no particular order:

1) EEEEEE [ profile] snowdarkred gifted me a pair of AWESOME HEADPHONES FOR MY PROFILE PAGE, THANK YOU BB, I LOVE THEM ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!

2) [ profile] kissemdanno is open!! Guess where my insomnia drabbles are going to be for the next two weeks. KISSES, EVERYONE, WRITE THEM, OH MY GOD. If you need some inspiration, feel free to check out this sneak peak for Monday's H50, because JESUS CHRIST OH MY FUCKING GOD.

3) I'm working on a thing. I know there hasn't been as much fic as usual, but oh, man, believe me when I tell you, I am working on a thing. It'll be up...when it's done! But if the fic is a little bit sparse for the next week or two, that is why. I don't mean little ficlets, of course, I spit those out without really meaning to because I have a sickness, but the like, real full-length stuff. IT'S COMING, I SWEAR. I'M WORKING ON IT.

4) Speaking of fic, I wrote a Sherlock ficlet on tumblr for [ profile] rrrowr that I'm reposting here, because I will, er, lose it over there. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there have already been like FOUR THINGS I POSTED OR REBLOGGED THAT I CAN'T FIND NOW. Tumblr eats souls and posts, so here's John and Sherlock immediately after The Great Game.

Wait, what, you want me to title things? WHAT EVEN ARE TITLES. I bite my thumb at you, sir! ...yeah I've maybe had some coffee today shut up. )
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This is some soppy sappy mushy feel-good three in the morning Steve/Danny nonsense, that's what this is right here. Porn not contained herein, insomnia icon applicable anyway. NO SHAME, NO APOLOGIES, NO REAL EXPLANATIONS. ♥

gathering )
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These dreams I keep having, I don't understand:

Steve: Hey, Danny, do you know what 'soothing' is?
Danny: Seriously? What kind of question is that, yes, I know what soothing is, what's with the airquotes, why wouldn't I know that?
Steve: ...because it is an ancient art I learned in my travels of the world?
Danny: You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Steve: *dryhumps*

sdfhdsfhdjf oh subconscious why you so crazy
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Heya, internet.

So! First of all: tonight I have a migraine and a twitching eye (SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS, IT WON'T QUIT THAT, THERE'S LIKE A MUSCLE SPASM OR SOME SHIT HAPPENING, WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS, IT IS FREAKING ME OUT), and so this post exists partially to say: sorry. Sorry, sorry, if I've told you I'm going to get something done tonight I'm probably not, if there's something you need me to do now is the wrong time to ask, if you're expecting me to update a gdoc with real words it's looking unlikely. What I've got in me at the moment is, uh, possibly meandering not-stories and maybe some distracting low-impact flail? I don't know, mostly I feel like a rung-out dishcloth who desperately wants to sleep and can't. I WILL MAKE UP FOR IT TOMORROW OR SOMETHING, I'M SORRY.

Secondly, I've decided that the internet needs a big 'ol one of these:

Who's with me?

Thirdly, Ao3 has opened for subscriptions, which is awesome! I am over there under this self-same username, but, uh, be advised if you're thinking of subscribing to me that I'm planning on adding a bunch of fics I keep meaning to archive (all the H50, that VMars fic, the...entirety of History Repeating Itself...) in the next couple of days.

And finally...oh, shit, I've got no last thing. Here, be cradled like this baby hedgehog, which I got from someone on tumblr - I would check who, but I got an error message about, er, tumbeasts, apparently. I guess that's a thing? I don't know, I just edited this post and found four places where I wrote the word "blue" where I meant "the," take the hedgehog now before this goes on any further.

Happy things in comments, y/y?
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At 1110 words, this isn't so much an insomnia ficlet as it is a really short insomnia fic! Hooray, or something. It gets a title and a header and all that jazz, I hope it is proud of itself. And look, [ profile] sheafrotherdon, it's a warm fuzzy one and everything :D

Title: when your boots are well worn in
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: G/PG, unless you count the assorted foul language.
Summary: Steve's sick, Danny knows it, and "Fuck you," like "Book 'em Danno," is mostly a term of endearment.

when your boots are well worn in )


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