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[HEAVILY EDITED PLEASE NOTE: This chapter was posted here, to my Dreamwidth, during a period of time when Livejournal was down for the count. Given how much this story has been linked around--which, you guys, what--I've opted to leave it here. But if you're a new reader popping through everything, YES THIS IS THE SAME STORY, SO SORRY FOR THE ABRUPT PLATFORM SHIFT. Carry on :D

LOOK IT'S A FLASHBACK CHAPTER OF BROS. I am sorry this update took so long; to be fair, though, it is 8500 words long,and full of ~feelings~, which could be part of the problem :D

So, uh, to take care of some business--I am receiving a TRULY AWESOME amount of feedback and love and ART for this fic (oh my god you guys what what WHAT I love you all so much it is RIDICULOUS), and I'll be doing a round-up post at some point in the near future. Additionally, given LJ's recent issues, I'm mirroring this chapter on my Dreamwidth, which I keep meaning to use and then forgetting about. I even went through and did the whole entry-copying process a couple months ago, but alas, it took a few days, and by the time it was done my attention had flitted away again. ONE OF THESE DAYS I'LL BE ABLE TO FOCUS ON THINGS, GUYS. ONE OF THESE DAYS.

Also, I am really, genuinely, truly sorry to all the folks out there who asked for Steve/Tony; Steve, sadly, already had a planned purpose in this story, otherwise I would totally have tried to give y'all some of that action.

And, finally, thanks as always to [personal profile] postcardmystery, as well as to tokidokifish over on tumblr, who made the incredible art that adorns this chapter! ALL OF THE LOVE, YOU GUYS, ALL OF IT.

Title: Carpe Brewski
Pairing: Erik/Charles [past Charles/Steve Rogers]
Rating: R
Author's Notes: This is a WIP, folks. You're going to want to start with Chapter One (where disclaimers, summary, etc, can be found), Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, and Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven: Is This Really What You're Gonna Do For The Rest of Your Life? )


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