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Internet, today a brilliant thing happened to me. My old iPod, which I thought was gone forever, turned the fuck up. IT WAS TRAPPED IN THE BOTTOM OF A BAG I HAVEN'T USED IN LIKE TWO YEARS, THERE WAS A FOLD OF FABRIC I GUESS I NEVER CHECKED, dfhsdfsdkf. And, see, when I lost this iPod it was a double tragedy, because in a bad coincidence I also lost half of my laptop harddrive the same week, so a shit ton of music was just forever lost. Or so I thought! Point being, after some time with Senuti and some flailing squee, I am in possession of ten gigs of music I thought I'd never see again.

I am the happiest camper. I am the happiest camper of them ALL.

So this, right, this is a mix of songs that make me happy, complete with rambling thoughts about all of them. It's, er, sort of part random indie music and part terrible 90s songs and part classic rock education? WHATEVER. THESE ARE THE HAPPY SONGS.

Happy As Fuck, Yo: The Mix )
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So, this is sort of a Steve/Danny fanmix, except not really, because it doesn't really have a cohesive theme or anything. It's more "here are some songs, some angsty, some ridiculously sappy, some random, that I've been listening to when thinking about Steve and Danny." I didn't do the thing where I write little blurbs for each one because I am tired, yo; I didn't give it a title because it didn't deserve one.


One of these days I'll control my urge to share music with everyone. Today is not that day. )
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Pupdate. The good news: she let me get close enough to take a picture this morning!!! Apologies for the shitty iPhone photo quality, but I wasn't about to break out a flash camera and scare her away again.

The bad news: that was this morning. I haven't seen her since I got back from work; I don't know if she's just out for a romp or gone for good, but I left some food out and we'll see if she comes back :( If she doesn't, I think I'm probably going to end up adopting a shelter puppy, because this has awakened a desire in me, I don't even. Animals need rescuing, and it's not that I didn't know that--I did! I do!--but I guess I'd just never...I don't know. /ramble

And, because people have been asking for it, a photo of Jerry, complete with the bone I had to give him to make him quit it with the live-action reenactment of this scene from Family Guy. I have no excuse for the shitty quality here, except that I didn't feel like going to get a proper camera and he wouldn't quit moving for anything.

ETA: OH WAIT I HAVE A BETTER PICTURE OF JERRY (kind of) IN MY PHOTOBUCKET, DUH. But it's gigantic, so it's under the cut. )

And now, for those of you who aren't reading this journal for today's edition of OMFG Jizz Loves Puppies!!!, here is a Danny/Steve fanmix. I did this one with like, blurbs and shit, but a) you needn't feel compelled to read them and b) if you're not into Hawaii 5-0, all of these songs are awesome in their own right, and you should feel free to listen/download anyway :D That fic I promised is done and beta'd, I just have to run through and do a final check, it'll be up at some point tonight.

Cut for extensive rambling, lyrics, and my patented inability to shut the fuck up about the goddamn Avett Brothers:

The .zip file name is actually 'I Thought We Were Doing a Thing.' )
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So, I was going to do a Steve/Danny fanmix tonight, because I was feeling in a music-sharing kind of mood after several days of trading songs back and forth with [ profile] hermette. But then [ profile] bossymarmalade made this awesome post of awesome women singing awesome songs, in honor of International Women's Day. And I thought to myself, WOW, THAT IS A MUCH BETTER IDEA THAN MAKING A STEVE/DANNY FANMIX.

I mean, I'll probably still make one at some point, but Christ, this was so much more fun.

So, uh, there are 20 songs on this list, and because approximately 3/4 of my iTunes is music centering on strong female vocalists, I focused in mostly on artists you'd be less likely to know/artists I haven't posted music from before. A few people who aren't on this mix that you should check out if you haven't already: Jenny Owen Youngs, Cat Power, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Voegele, Tracy Chapman, Tegan & Sara. Also, I didn't let myself list more than one song from a single artist, but really each and every one of these artists--with the possible exception of Erin McCarley, whose body of work I don't know--has an extensive collection of other amazing shit you should check out.

Now, I will say that a few of these are bands, you know, also contain the occasional dude, playing a bass or the drums, etc. But strong female vocalists are the center theme :D

So, without further ado (and with my assorted ramblings, oh god, sorry about that):

Awesome Women Are Awesome: The Mix )
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Right, okay, KNOW I HAVE NOT POSTED IN FOREVER, am working on setting up my blog/exciting RL developments/writing a fic that you're all going to murder me for because it' Veronica Mars fic but I JUST NEED TO WRITE IT, OKAY, I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF. That story, as well as the link to my blog, will be up as soon as they're both ready to go.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME, here is a music video for a song I just love so much it hurts, and also two domesticverse ficlets that I wrote for [ profile] bookshop's fluff meme ages ago and never posted here. They don't have proper titles, because I am lazy.

In Which Arthur Totally Does Not Have the Swine Flu )

In Which Ice Cream Choices Are Debated )
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[ profile] dremiel did one of these music memes yesterday, and I LIKED IT VERY MUCH, SO NOW I AM DOING ONE.

...First lines of songs, this only reveals how odd my music taste is, one of these is from an off Broadway musical, DO NOT BETRAY YOUR OWN INTEGRITY BY GOOGLING! Correct guessers will get, you know, flailing from me and bragging rights and stuff? AND POSSIBLY THE FUCKING HOLLYWOOD AU, IF I CAN JUST FINISH IT.

1) The renegade feeling satisfied
You blinked and closed your eyes
[No Intention -- The Dirty Projectors] [ profile] probablyforsure

2) Somebody's Heine' is drowning my icebox
somebody's cold one is giving me chills
[Say It Ain't So -- Weezer] [ profile] jacquise

3) Well I guess I should confess that I am starting to get old
All the latest music fads all passed me by and left me cold
[Frank Turner -- Photosynthesis] [ profile] xrainbowcloud

4) Everyone tells you that the minute you get married
every other women in the world suddenly finds you attractive, well that's not true
(it only affects the kind of women you always wanted to sleep with)
[A Miracle Would Happen -- The Last Five Years] [ profile] etben

5) Oh, I do believe in all the things you see
What comes is better than what came before
[I Found A Reason -- Cat Power] [ profile] jacquise

6) Well I went to bed in Memphis and I woke up in Hollywood
I got a quarter in my pocket and I'd call you if I could
[Steve McQueen -- Sheryl Crow] [ profile] 8ways

7) When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school
it's a wonder I can think at all
[Kodachrome -- Paul Simon] [ profile] greenapricot

8) Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack
I went out for a ride and I never went back
[Hungry Heart -- Bruce Springsteen] [ profile] dremiel

9) I met you at a party, or on a crowded street
A silent singularity when glances chanced to meet
[Leaves and Kings -- Josh Ritter] [ profile] greenapricot

10) Life in the circus ain't easy, but the folks on the outside don't know
yeah the tent goes up and the tent comes down and all that they see is the show
[Freakshow -- Ani Difranco] [ profile] greenapricot

11) You were a child, crawlin' on your knees toward it
Makin' mama so proud, but your voice was too loud
[Kids -- MGMT] [ profile] osaraba

12) Like all the boys before, like all the boys, boys, boys
You left your blood stain on the floor
[Under the Sheets -- Ellie Goulding] [ profile] jacquise

13) Yeah there was a time I didn't like the love, I liked the climbers
I was no sister then, I was running out of time and one-liners
[As Cool As I Am -- Dar Williams] [ profile] dremiel

14) Your love made a slave of me
But the love you gave you took away from me
[Why When Love Is Gone -- The Like] [ profile] chaoticallyclev

15) Some folks are born made to wave the flag
Ooh, they're red white and blue
[Fortunate Son -- John Fogerty] [ profile] dremiel
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A note on fanmixes: I don't make cover art because I am approximately as artistically gifted as a blind baby seal, I don't title them because I would have to use SONG LYRICS and that seems upsettingly cyclical, and I have limited tolerance for "your music taste blows" type discussions. It's music, and everyone is different. If you like what you see, fabulous! Download and enjoy. If you do not, also fabulous! Be on your merry way. But no ragging on anyone's music tastes in the comments, yes?

Uh, also, I think I pulled out and left youtube links for all the things that are locked because I bought them on iTunes, but if not, SORRY. Let me know and I'll upload a .zip without them and find links.

Mix Under the Cut )
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I present to you, after seriously like a month of promising it, THE WHITE COLLAR FANMIX.

Okay, well, uh. *A* White Collar fanmix, anyway. I managed to cut it down to 21 songs for this one, but I'm sure that I will, at some point, do this some more.

Some things everyone should know before they click on the cut:

1) I am a writer and a music lover and, ALAS, an absolute failure as an artist, so there is no cover art. Because I'm Doing it Wrong, but I'm also hooking you guys up with a bunch of awesome songs, so it comes out about even. Right? Right.
2) My grasp on the technology involved in doing this is probably not as good as it should be. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS :D
3) I have, um, reaaaaally eclectic music taste. If you come across a song in the .zip you don't like, delete it from your iTunes! But please do not play the "omg, my music is better than your music," game, I will choke a bitch. ALL MUSIC IS AWESOME, even if it not necessarily someone's cup of tea. I, for example, loathe Captain Beefheart, but I do not think less of you if you love him.
4) People who are not White Collar fans--all of these songs can be interpreted multiple ways, for multiple pairings. Feel free to throw a HP or SH pairing at me around a specific song, I'll write you a drabble for your trouble. And actually, WC folks, you're welcome to request song-based drabbles as well.
5) I am really sorry about all the Ani Difranco. I COULDN'T PICK BETWEEN THEM.

Alright, FORMALITIES OVER. It is now time for.... *drumroll*


Download it here, folks.


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