So! You have stumbled upon my journal. If you're here for the fic, congratulations! You've come to the right place. If you don't know about the fic: hello! I am [ profile] gyzym, and I write fanfiction. Most of it is slash (male/male) fanfiction; if this is not your cup of tea, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HEAD FOR THE HILLS.

All right, now that that's sorted, here's how this works: fic is divided by fandom and 'verse. Links and summaries and pairings are here; every link takes you to the top of the page in question, where you will find ratings, warnings, author's notes, etc. Please do not read anything rated R or higher if you are not of age where you live.

Hawaii 5-0 )

Inception )

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Veronica Mars )

On the Topic of Tags:
Yeah, um. I find it hilarious to use inane, random tags on my posts. Because, um. Because it is hilarious?

In any case, the tags that I use to streamline fic posting are (probably) all attached here.

On the Topic of Full Disclosure and Credit Where Credit is Due
Full disclosure: the username is an Allen Ginsberg reference; the journal title is from an e.e. cummings poem.

Additionally, I do not own any of the characters I play about with in my fanfiction, nor do I own most of the titles of said works--they're pulled from song lyrics, by and large. I'm not making any money from this, I have no intention of doing so, I claim no ownership of anything, and I don't mean to cause distress/offense/copyright infringement.

On the Topic of Problematic Elements in My Fiction
Should you find something, whilst reading one of my stories, that offends you/is incorrect/could offend others/is in any way problematic, please please please do not hesitate to tell me. I will never spew hate at you, I will never attack you, and I will always thank you for taking the time to let me know.

On the Topic of Non-Fic Things Discussed Herein
Sometimes I talk about my family! They're crazy, but generally in a hilarious way. Because my name, like it or not, has become Jizz/Jizzy (I really didn't mean to name myself after semen, I really didn't, I THOUGHT IT WAS AN INNOCENT ALLEN GINSBERG REFERENCE OKAY, I WAS YOUNG) a hilarious conversation ended up producing the following names for my brothers:

Burro Punch/Burro: My 19-year-old (frat boy) brother
Burrito Punch/Burrito: My 11-year-old (sixth grader) brother

Because...donkey punch...and ito is a...diminutive...anyway. THE POINT BEING, if I am referring to Burro&Burrito, they are my little brothers :D

Additionally, I have a non-fandom blog over on blogspot, called Illegible Address. It makes a concentrated effort to make it amusing; I'd love it if you guys felt like checking it out! Look, there's even an easy-click button:

On the Topic of Friending
By all means, feel free to friend me. Everything fandom related is public, and so is most everything else, though I don't post much that isn't fandom related these days. I always like meeting new people! I don't always friend back, which is NOT about you, but rather my utter inability to be responsible and proactive about replying to emails/notifications/whatever. It's a character flaw.

If you DO friend me, please do me the favor of dropping a hello into this post. I want to know what you're about! Also, I am often distracted by writing gay porn, and sometimes it takes me ages to actually pay attention to anything other than my bajillions of open Word documents. By which I mean: oh, god, you guys, I can be really terrible about answering comments, but that does not mean I am not a) reading them and b) feeling INSANE GRATITUDE towards anyone leaving them. I just, augh, I get all bogged down in writing and then it's been too long and I feel like an asshole and THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ME, I AM SORRY.

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[HEAVILY EDITED PLEASE NOTE: This chapter was posted here, to my Dreamwidth, during a period of time when Livejournal was down for the count. Given how much this story has been linked around--which, you guys, what--I've opted to leave it here. But if you're a new reader popping through everything, YES THIS IS THE SAME STORY, SO SORRY FOR THE ABRUPT PLATFORM SHIFT. Carry on :D

LOOK IT'S A FLASHBACK CHAPTER OF BROS. I am sorry this update took so long; to be fair, though, it is 8500 words long,and full of ~feelings~, which could be part of the problem :D

So, uh, to take care of some business--I am receiving a TRULY AWESOME amount of feedback and love and ART for this fic (oh my god you guys what what WHAT I love you all so much it is RIDICULOUS), and I'll be doing a round-up post at some point in the near future. Additionally, given LJ's recent issues, I'm mirroring this chapter on my Dreamwidth, which I keep meaning to use and then forgetting about. I even went through and did the whole entry-copying process a couple months ago, but alas, it took a few days, and by the time it was done my attention had flitted away again. ONE OF THESE DAYS I'LL BE ABLE TO FOCUS ON THINGS, GUYS. ONE OF THESE DAYS.

Also, I am really, genuinely, truly sorry to all the folks out there who asked for Steve/Tony; Steve, sadly, already had a planned purpose in this story, otherwise I would totally have tried to give y'all some of that action.

And, finally, thanks as always to [personal profile] postcardmystery, as well as to tokidokifish over on tumblr, who made the incredible art that adorns this chapter! ALL OF THE LOVE, YOU GUYS, ALL OF IT.

Title: Carpe Brewski
Pairing: Erik/Charles [past Charles/Steve Rogers]
Rating: R
Author's Notes: This is a WIP, folks. You're going to want to start with Chapter One (where disclaimers, summary, etc, can be found), Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, and Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven: Is This Really What You're Gonna Do For The Rest of Your Life? )
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FOLLOWING A VERY FRIGHTENING FIVE MINUTES IN WHICH I THOUGHT MY LIVEJOURNAL WAS GONE (it was very frightening, you guys, but eye-opening!) I am importing all my content to Dreamwidth as a backup. I'm not transferring over there permanently, though I may start crossposting, but like. WHAT IF I LOST THE INSPIRATION MEMES AND THE INSOMNIA FICS WHAT WOULD I EVEN DO.

Point being: I have no idea how DW works, with "access" and "circles" and all these other things--I'm sure it's awesome, but I don't know how it goes. So if you get a notification from me over there (same name as here), rest assured I didn't know what I was doing and/or the system did it for me. Unless it's an awesome notification, in which case it was totally me.

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A couple of times in the last few days, I've gotten people saying things like "Oh, I friended you for fic, but then I found something else!" or "Oh, I didn't know I'd be seeing stuff like this when I friended you!" In a lucky break, these comments have all been positive--I have yet to have someone go DAMN IT WOMAN YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE FIC AND HERE IS THIS UNRELATED HORSESHIT, but I know that day is coming. Plus, my sticky post is now long enough as to be actualfax unwieldy, and that can't happen.

So! In the next few days I'm going to be moving some shit around, backdating the sticky post, creating a--separate, I think--backdated masterlist that I'll link through on the new sticky post. I'm also going to try (TRY) to get all my work up on AO3, so if you're subscribed to me--thank you, by the way!!--don't get excited, it's not new stuff. Also, because I know myself, don't be surprised if I end up dicking around with the layout again.

BASICALLY: PARDON OUR DUST. I'll let you guys know when I'm done fucking around, should be in a few days--this is one of those things I'll be doing in between writing and the obscene amount of Mother's Day related extended family time I've been forced to pencil in. I promise that when I'm done, everything will, er, be pretty much exactly the same, except neater and less misleading ♥

In exchange for this pardoning, here is an adorable video of baby goats, ganked from [ profile] misspamela! Seriously folks, the goats, they're the cutest ever.

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Uh, what it says on the tin?

Well, no, wait. The truth is, I hesitate to use the word "essay," because that implies some modicum of vague professionalism, and, as you guys know, that is not my wont. In actuality this is a tl;dr word vomit on the topic of bisexuality, because sometimes I just want to talk about things! There wasn't an incident that provoked this, really--I saw a couple things on tumblr that made me go buh?, I've had a couple of RL conversations lately that made me go Really?, so here this is.

As always, the following things are true:
1) I am just a girl on the internet with a lot of feelings, and I don't claim to know shit about shit.
2) This is written from my perspective, dealing with my experiences as an American, cigendered bisexual woman. They're not the same as everyone else's! They're not the same as anyone else's, come to that; every human experience is unique, and no two people feel/act on/deal with things the exact same way.
3) If I have inadvertently offended someone, I apologize profusely, that was not my intention! Let me know and we'll talk about fixing it. ♥

All that said: Bisexuality: One of Those Things No One Should Let Me Get Started Talking About )

oh my god

May. 4th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Okay, so, um, I am going to post an essay (ahahaha that makes it sound like it's professional ish, IT'S NOT BUT WHATEVER) about bisexuality in a couple of minutes here, but I had to. Oh, god, I had to stop and make this post first, sorry for spamming you today, but I just found the Inception love meme and my thread on it and I just. You guys. You guys. You guys.

Cut for me being maudlin at the entirety of Inception fandom )

Basically: Inception fandom, ♥ ♥ ♥.
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Okay, know it's been awhile since I did a post about the lunatics to whom I am related, but this could not be held back. So! This weekend Burro was in town, and at one point we were hanging out and he noticed that I was knitting something.

Burro: Hey, whatcha making?
Me: A laptop case.
Burro: Why do you need a laptop case?
Me: Because mine's been missing for like six months and I figured it was time to bite the bullet, but I didn't want to buy another one, because they're expensive.
Burro: Huh. I can't imagine needing another laptop case; I have two.
Me: You...have two.
Burro: Yeah, the second one just sort of showed up one...oh.

He admitted that that is probably what happened, and agreed to bring it when he comes back into town THIS weekend for Mother's Day. Today, he sends me a photo of both laptop cases sitting on his coffee table, and we have the following conversation via text:

Burro: Haha I have 2 computer cases! I'm holding the one for ransom so if you're gonna want it back I expect something for it
Burro: Guess someone's not gonna get a computer case back with that snarky of language
Me: You a thief, yo, I don't have to listen to you
Burro: I prefer the term expert borrower yo
Me: Well, I don't negotiate with expert borrowers, I'm just saying
Burro: Well then...NO COMPUTER CASE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I am laughing so hard I am choking rn, just fyi
Burro: That's unfortunate for you but if you think that's gonna elict me to give you back the computer case because I feel sorry for ya then you're sadly mistaken...don't hate me cuz you ain't me

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Riiiight, so. I sat down tonight to write a post-ep, because it's not really an ep for me until I've written something, because I'm nuts. Instead, I spent far too long watching next week's preview over and over, and then, er. Basically "Steve looked tired in this episode" and "what the hell is Steve doing sitting on a bench when there is WATER he could be SPLASHING IN (like the big puppy he is) RIGHT THERE," coalesced into. Uh. Writing a fic that I think is about PTSD without actually using the term PTSD? Kind-of-ish like Hills Like White Elephants, only not about abortion and not actually in anything like the same style and it kind of did its own thing without my go ahead and I'm, uh, reaaaaaaaally no Ernest Hemingway. In any number of ways, literary talent included.

In short: I have a pretty good idea of how this happened, but I don't really have any idea what it is, and I'm posting it. Whatever. BEGONE FROM MY FOLDER, FANFICTION, or something.

leave the weight in this place behind [steve/danny, 1800 words] )
Erp, so. Know I've been posting less than usual, and I am really sorry about that! RL's been a little nuts, my bad, dudes, but I am trying! And in homage to this, here is a post full of funny things. And puppies. And a bunny inna hat.

So, to start, here is the most hilarious video ever:

And here's a bunch of other stuff! )
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Ahahaha, fixed my internet, and then [ profile] rrrowr did me a solid (THANK YOU RO THANK YOU RO OH MY GOD THANK YOU) and then I was all, what do you want? And she was all, Arthur/Eames wallsex! And for whatever reason, though I've been blocked on these two for seriously months and months and fucking months, this actually happened. I don't know if/when it will happen again, and my sincere apologies if it's not for awhile--I SWEAR TO GOD I'M TRYING WITH THESE TWO, THEY JUST. Oh man, when they don't talk to me they really do not say a fucking WORD, I don't know what to do with them.

So, uh, right, here's 1500 words of drunk Arthur/Eames established-relationship-ish kind of size kinky PWP? Like, seriously, PWP, and also glossing over the whole most-drunk-people-have-trouble-getting-hard-thing and oh, god, I don't even know, you guys. My apologies for the errors that are probably herein, this is an insomnia fic, and also for the terrible title, and also for the fact that after months of nothing on this front what came out is...this. Augh I don't even I'm going to go try to sleep now RO I LOVE YOU THANK YOU AGAIN.

Dangerous When Loaded, 1500 words, Arthur/Eames, NC-17 )

well, crap

Apr. 27th, 2011 02:30 pm
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So, at some point late last night my internet went down, which is the last thing I need right now for a number of reasons, and it is, unfortunately, STILL FUCKING DOWN. I'm working on it/will be relocating for part of the day, but be advised, I could be in and out for the next little while. My phone is still working (all hail 3G) so I can still connect kiiiind of, but if I owe you a comment or something it might not happen today.

SORRY GUYS. How are all of YOU?

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Okay, H50 folks, don't fret, I'm still plugging away at this monster fic, I just needed to stop any do this for a second. So, without further ado, an open letter to Mr. Moffat.

Cut for Who spoilers )
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1) Tonight's insomnia ficlet, Object Lessons in Gravitational Force, is over at [ profile] kissemdanno! ♥

2) Saw Scream 4 tonight. It was, in the true tradition of the Scream films, not even remotely frightening but deeply, almost painfully hilarious. GOD THE WRITING WAS SO BAD, oh, there is nothing I love more than a terrible horror movie. Not that anything will ever top Tommy Wiseau's The House That Drips Blood on Alex (spoiler: the house drips blood on Alex, and not Alex O'Lough, either) for truly epic horror fail, but still. Good times.

3) You know I typed out "Happy Who-turday!" before I actually thought about how that would sound if said aloud?

4) The best rendition of the Passover story ever.

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Right, so, [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] wheres_walnut and I were talking about nerdy high school Steve, and somehow I accidentally ended up writing a little bit of Curving Like The Ocean Toward You 'verse nonsense.'s that!

Sorry, dudes, it's 4 in the morning, that's all I got right now.

Title: Maybe We're Both Too Far Gone
Rating: PG, except for, you know, all the fucking swearing, like always.
Wordcount: ~1900
Summary: A picture's worth a thousand words; a thousand and one, if there's a mullet involved.

Maybe We're Both Too Far Gone )
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So, some kind soul--I'm sorry, I don't remember who it was, or even when it was, WHAT EVEN IS LINEAR THINKING--suggested the program Gimp (possibly The Gimp, I've heard it both ways, yes that was a Psych joke) to me awhile back. And today, for whatever reason, I was like I WILL DO ALL OF THE COMPUTER THINGS, I WILL CLEAN MY DESKTOP OFF AND RUN ALL THE UPDATES AND CHANGE MY WALLPAPER AND FIX MY WONKY FIC FOLDERS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT AND CLEAN. I did not fix my wonky fic folders, because I realized they're more or less permanently broken since my brain is more or less permanently broken, and they wouldn't make sense to me any other way. However, all the other things are done, and one of those things was installing Gimp. HOORAY, SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WHEN I AM WIDE AWAKE AT 3 AM BUT CAN'T FIND MY WORDS TO WRITE THINGS.

So! Under the cut are ten icons and the (1600x1200) wallpaper I made for myself. Images are not mine--I got them all from We ♥ It, with the exception of the image for the wallpaper, which I got from Stock.xchng. Additionally, "hope is the thing with feathers" is not mine either. Emily Dickinson wrote that. ETA: Dude, [ profile] immaturity knows the amazing photographer behind the orange photo. HOORAY FOR PHOTOGRAPHER CJ, WHO IS SERIOUSLY FUCKIN' AWESOME.

Feel free to take; commenting is nice but not required, ditto credit. However, if you hotlink, I will find you and I will cut you. Or I will cry. Or I will cut you and cry. BASICALLY, DON'T DO IT. If you are not sure how to take things without hotlinking, COME ASK ME AND I WILL TELL YOU. I will not even be mad. You know what will make me mad? Hotlinking. That is the only thing. Nothing else.

Okay, no more speaking, too late for words. Pictures now!

you know the sun is shining )
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So my father calls me today and goes YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT IS HAPPENING, I THINK IT'S BECAUSE IT'S 4/20. What is "it"? Why, a showing of the Greatful Dead movie at theaters all across the country, of course!

So I am at a movie theater with like 90 other tourheads and my father, waiting to see what is quite possibly the trippiest movie ever made. I'M EXCITED, GUYS. WISH ME LUCK.

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[ profile] elrhiarhodan:
I accidentally killed my iTunes when checking to see which DrWho eps I had
But it's fixed
Just trying to do too much at once

[ profile] gyzym:
oh no!

[ profile] elrhiarhodan:
That's what Time Machine is for
All is good

[ profile] gyzym:
...on the plus side
you used
time machine
to fix an error caused

[ profile] elrhiarhodan:
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Or, [ profile] leupagus and I write insomnia fic together, because we're awesome like that. And/or because it was the only naturally place to go after we exhausted the topic of Scott Caan and his unholy love of the breast.

Two sleep-deprived fic writers babbling nonsense is totally better than one, am I right? )
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Internet, today a brilliant thing happened to me. My old iPod, which I thought was gone forever, turned the fuck up. IT WAS TRAPPED IN THE BOTTOM OF A BAG I HAVEN'T USED IN LIKE TWO YEARS, THERE WAS A FOLD OF FABRIC I GUESS I NEVER CHECKED, dfhsdfsdkf. And, see, when I lost this iPod it was a double tragedy, because in a bad coincidence I also lost half of my laptop harddrive the same week, so a shit ton of music was just forever lost. Or so I thought! Point being, after some time with Senuti and some flailing squee, I am in possession of ten gigs of music I thought I'd never see again.

I am the happiest camper. I am the happiest camper of them ALL.

So this, right, this is a mix of songs that make me happy, complete with rambling thoughts about all of them. It's, er, sort of part random indie music and part terrible 90s songs and part classic rock education? WHATEVER. THESE ARE THE HAPPY SONGS.

Happy As Fuck, Yo: The Mix )


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