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Uh, what it says on the tin?

Well, no, wait. The truth is, I hesitate to use the word "essay," because that implies some modicum of vague professionalism, and, as you guys know, that is not my wont. In actuality this is a tl;dr word vomit on the topic of bisexuality, because sometimes I just want to talk about things! There wasn't an incident that provoked this, really--I saw a couple things on tumblr that made me go buh?, I've had a couple of RL conversations lately that made me go Really?, so here this is.

As always, the following things are true:
1) I am just a girl on the internet with a lot of feelings, and I don't claim to know shit about shit.
2) This is written from my perspective, dealing with my experiences as an American, cigendered bisexual woman. They're not the same as everyone else's! They're not the same as anyone else's, come to that; every human experience is unique, and no two people feel/act on/deal with things the exact same way.
3) If I have inadvertently offended someone, I apologize profusely, that was not my intention! Let me know and we'll talk about fixing it. ♥

All that said: Bisexuality: One of Those Things No One Should Let Me Get Started Talking About )
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Alright, guys, so I've had...kind of a terrible day on a number of fronts. I'm not going to go into it, partially because you guys don't need to know about the various and assorted nonsense involved, but mostly because I've seen something that really, really puts my shitty 24 hours into perspective.

Cut for discussion of a recent LGBT hate crime that could be triggery. )

And the thing is, I've thought, for awhile, about making a post like this one--thought about when and how to do it, if I could possibly put into words all the things I want to say. But this seems like pretty fucking good motivation to put some solid safe vibes out there, so here we go.

This cut is just for length, because wow, this got long. )

Most importantly, please know this: whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual; whether you are genderqueer or genderfuck; whether you are cis- or transgendered; whether you are sure of your identity or not, there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe there's not a word that applies to who you are, or there's one I have omitted in error--maybe there are so many words that apply that you're not sure where to begin. Maybe you're out and proud and maybe you're not, maybe you're ready to approach it and maybe you're not, maybe you're in a solid place and maybe you're not, but whoever you are, wherever you are in your process, it's okay, it's just fine, and so are you. You are good, beautiful, fantastic just the way you are.

This week is Pride Week. I'm not here to tell you to be proud of yourselves--though, of course, I wish that for all of you--because I know from experience that it's easier said then done. I'm telling you instead that I am proud of you, whoever you are, whoever you choose and absolutely do not choose to be. There is hate in the world; there are people out there eager to give you a "taste of hell," looking to make your life harder, or even just missing the mark and getting it wrong, making you feel bad or misunderstood or small. But for every one of them, there is someone out there like you, like me, looking for and finding the safe spaces; we are here, learning ourselves and each other, doing what we can to figure it out. You are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not going to hell.

So raise your hands, guys; raise them for everyone you're proud of, for everyone you've loved, for the people you are, have been, and will become. Raise them high, and know that our hands are up too, waving back at you, no matter the size of the void.

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Look, do I honestly think anyone who reads my journal doesn't also read [ profile] copperbadge? No, I don't. Sam is everywhere. But on the off-chance that you haven't seen this link he posted yet:

I guess being gay makes you less of a human fucking being. Who knew?

Here's a brief summary of what that post is going to tell you! Clay and Howard, 77 and 88 respectively, lived in Sonoma County. They'd been together for 20 years. When Howard fell down the stairs, the county separated them, putting them each in different nursing homes against their will. AND they sold their house and their belongings without permission! BECAUSE APPARENTLY CLAY AND HOWARD ARE NOT PEOPLE, JUST GAYS.

Seriously, I don't even know what to say, except: repost the shit out of this. Tell everyone you know. The above link offers a petition you can sign and a way to contact the local papers out there; do that. Show your bosses. Tweet about it. Whatever you have to do, because this? This is disgusting.


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